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Volume 25 (2021), Issue 2



On the mixed character of the Old Turkic literary language of the 7th–8th centuries

Igor V. Kormushin

Page 151 - 161

Phraseological units with a bird-name component in Yakut and Kazakh

Svetlana M. Prokopieva, Svetlana M. Prokopieva, Vladimir D. Monastyrev, Orynay S. Zhubaeva, Marat A. Ryskulov

Page 162 - 172

An analysis of the non-past use of Turkish {-DỊ}

Yui Suzuki

Page 173 - 190

Interjections as signals of mutual intelligibility in Turkish-Azeri receptive multilingual communication

Mehmet Akkuş, Çiğdem Sağın-Şimşek

Page 191 - 209

Contact-induced change in the morphosyntax of Turkic in Boldaji, Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari Province, Iran

Laurentia Schreiber, Geoffrey Haig, Mortaza Taheri-Ardali, Erik Anonby

Page 210 - 242

Şey-substitution and constituent structure in Turkish

Cem Keskin

Page 243 - 275

Spoken Turkish in television news and debates: Some acoustic and morphological aspects relevant to respeaking

Mine Güven

Page 276 - 292


Corpus linguistics in Turkic languages

Aida Kasieva

Page 293 - 298

Recommend Turkic Languages