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Volume 26 (2022), Issue 2



Page I - 2


In memoriam Edward Tryjarski (1923–2021)

Henryk Jankowski

Page 3 - 7


On the phonetic features of the southern Kirghiz dialect in China

Caifuding Yishake, Wang Manling, Mariya Maiyituohuo, Ma Shaoqing

Page 8 - 30

Lexical copies in Khalaj: A contribution to the World Loanword Database (WOLD)

Mehmet Akkuş

Page 31 - 52

Turkisms in Zadar Arbanasi as a reflection of Turkisms in 18th-century Albanian

Atdhe Hykolli, Bardh Rugova

Page 53 - 66

Ostensive markers in Azeri and some other Turkic languages

Elisabetta Ragagnin

Page 67 - 74

Topic in Kazakh as spoken in China

Aynur Abish

Page 75 - 88

Descriptive gaps: The case of transitive et-

Gerjan van Schaaik

Page 89 - 122

Evidentiality in Turkish as L2: Evidence from the final attainment of Russian immigrants

Türken Çağlar, Çiğdem Sağın-Şimşek, Elena Antonova-Ünlü

Page 123 - 139

Recommend Turkic Languages