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Volume 23 (2019), Issue 1



In memoriam Even Hovdhaugen (1941–2018)

Bernt Brendemoen

Page 3 - 5


An Old Uyghur appeal to T(ä)ngrikän Tegin T(ä)ngrim to renounce secular life

Abdurishid Yakup

Page 6 - 30

The use of personal markers in the Beltir dialect of the Khakas language from a comparative perspective

Anna Dybo, Vera Maltseva, Aleksandra Sheymovitch, Elvira Sultrekova

Page 31 - 48

The complementizer {-Ụ2w} in Kazakh as spoken in China

Aynur Abish, Uldanay Jumabay

Page 49 - 66

Locative verbs in Turkish: A psycholinguistic analysis

Gülin Dağdeviren Kırmızı, Bilal Kırkıcı

Page 67 - 80

Understanding retold stories: The marking of unwitnessed events in bilingual Turkish

Birsel Karakoç, Annette Herkenrath

Page 81 - 121

Recommend Turkic Languages