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Some remarks on newly discovered Evenki copies in Dolgan

Hasan Hayırsever

Pages 230 - 271

The Dolgan language has a special place among Turkic languages because of the effects of its Tungusic substrate. The examined words have largely been obtained from a corpus prepared at Hacettepe University. Some of these words are attested in Dolgan for the first time. Section 3 of the paper is devoted to newly discovered Evenki copies. In Chapter 4, four words that were were explained to be of Evenki origin, but not included in later studies, are examined. In Chapter 5, Dolgan words whose Yakut equivalents are known to be of Evenki origin are examined. In Chapter 6, new etymologies are proposed for two words. The 53 new Evenki loanwords that I have identified increase by a quarter the number of known Evenki words in Dolgan, bringing the total to over 250.

Keywords: Dolgan, Evenki, Turkic, Tungusic, language contact


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