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Yakut names of medicinal plants

Marina A. Osorova, Ninel V. Malyševa

Pages 117 - 124

The article describes reasons determining the choice of names of medicinal plants in the Yakut language. In this study, 56 names of Yakut medicinal plants including the names arbahin (Artemisia vulgaris), ńa:m (Taraxacum officinale), boχsurɣan (Plantago L.), kulun kuturuga (Alopecurus pratensis) and boro si:r oto (Thalictrum foetidum) were examined. These were selected via sampling from various dictionaries and lexicographic sources. The analysis shows that two and three-component phytonyms are dominant in Yakut, and that the main criteria for giving names are the plant’s place of growth, appearance, or a scientist’s name.

Keywords: phytonyms; pharmacophytonyms; Yakut language


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