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Some remarks on viewpoint operators in Turkmen

Sema Aslan Demir

Pages 107 - 114


In this paper, Turkmen postterminal markers are discussed. Turkmen belongs to the Southwestern branch of Turkic languages and is mostly spoken in Turkmenistan. Although Turkmen is an Oghuz language, it also shares some common areal features with the Northwestern (Kipchak) and Southeastern (Karluk) branches of Turkic languages. This can also be observed in the inventory of Turkmen markers of postterminality, and in some respects this situation can be interpreted as a deviation from the typology of Oghuz languages. The work will first focus on the postterminal marker -An ( -GAn turur) in competition with the other postterminal marker -(I)pdIr ( -Ip turur). After this, -An däldir, the negative form of -An, will be discussed in competition with -mAndIr.


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